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ASK Biblitz Celtic Fitness Playlist I.

'I'll take this pig over - lock, stock, and barrel. Yes, I mean it. Have her sent to my place - I'll wire them to expect her - and in a few weeks' time she will be a different creature. Keen, alert, eyes sparkling.'

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The ASKBiblitz Celtic Playlist I (from which you may infer others will follow) is but a sample of the fare listeners enjoy on Sirius/XM's Celtic Crush program with host Larry Kirwan of the band, Black 47. The program airs Tuesdays 8-11 p.m. (PT) and Saturdays at an ungodly 4 a.m. (PT). Stirring stuff to inspire one to shake one's stumps before close friends and relations begin to break bad as the Duke of Dunstable has here on our much beloved Empress of Blandings:.

Uncle Fred in the Springtime


By P.G. Wodehouse

More of the wide and wonderful Empress of Blandings.

STILL MORE of that excellent swine.

"... Are you interested in pigs, Alaric? You know my sow, Empress of Blandings, I think. I believe you met when you were here in the summer."

He moved aside to allow his guest an uninterrupted view of the suberb animal. The Duke advanced to the rail, and there followed a brief silence - on Lord Emsworth's side reverent, on that of the Duke austere. He had produced a large pair of spectacles from his breast pocket and through them was scrutinizing the silver medallist in a spirit only too plainly captious and disrespectful.
"Disgusting!" he said at length.

Lord Emsworth started violently. He could scarcely believe that he had heard aright.


"That pig is too fat."

"Too fat?"

"Much too fat. Look at her. Bulging."

But my dear Alaric, she is supposed to be fat."

"Not as fat as that."

"Yes, I assure you. She has already been given two medals for being fat."
Workout Routines and Exercises
"Don't be silly, Clarence. What would a pig do with medals? It's no good trying to shirk the issue. There is only one word for that pig - gross. She reminds me of my Aunt Horatia, who died of apoplexy during Christmas dinner. Keeled over half-way through her second helping of plum pudding and never spoke again. This animal might be her double. And what do you expect? You stuff her and stuff her and stuff her, and I don't suppose she gets a lick of exercise from one week's end to another. What she wants is a cracking good gallop every morning and no starchy foods. That would get her into shape."

Lord Emsworth had recovered the pince-nez which emotion had caused, as it always did, to leap from his nose. He replaced them insecurely.

"Are you under the impression," he said, for when deeply moved he could be terribly sarcastic, "that I want to enter my pig for the Derby?"

The Duke had been musing. He had not liked that nonsense about pigs being given medals and he was thinking how sad all this was for poor Connie. But at these words he looked up sharply. An involuntary shudder shook him, and his manner took on a sort of bedside tenderness.

"I wouldn't, Clarence."

"Wouldn't what?"

"Enter this pig for the Derby. She might not win, and then you would have had all your trouble for nothing. What you want is to get her out of your life. And I'll tell you what I'll do. Listen, my dear Clarence," said the Duke, patting his host's shoulder, "I'll take this pig over - lock, stock, and barrel. Yes, I mean it. Have her sent to my place - I'll wire them to expect her - and in a few weeks' time she will be a different creature. Keen, alert, eyes sparkling. And you'll be different, too. Brighter. Less potty. Improved out of all knowledge. ..." (-- pgs. 24-25)

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