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ASK Biblitz about Inebriation.

I dislike drunks but I do suppose I take a little drink now and then myself. Amen.

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Is there a breathalyzer for marijuana?


No, indeed, the B.C. 'BILLY builders in no small way responsible for an ongoing leaky condo crisis were not in favor of mandatory drug testing but somehow the public's right to be protected won the day.

Biblitz replies:

Don't think so.

According to, there are basically four types of drug tests:

The first and most popular is the urine test. This procedure usually involves filling a cup with urine. They either use a test card right then for immediate results or send it away to a lab for testing by a sophisticated gas analyzer.

The second type of test is a hair follicle test. Hair testing is quite accurate and can reveal all of the toxins you used in a sort of timeline for as long as six months. Many people try to get around this by just shaving their head. Know that they will go for your underarm, pubic, leg or arm hair if you do not have the required 1/2 inch on your head.

The third type of test is a blood test. Blood testing is usually performed for employment positions requiring public trust or when you are applying for some form of insurance. This is expensive and not very common.

The fourth type of test is the saliva test. This is not common and can only detect toxins used 3-4 days prior. Insurance companies and law enforcement agencies use this method most often.

You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense


By Charles Bukowski

the Master Plan

starving in a Philadelphia winter
trying to be a writer
I wrote and wrote and drank and drank and
and then stopped writing and concentrated on
the drinking.

it was another

if you can't have any luck with one thing you
try another

of course, I had been practicing on the
since the age of

and there was much competition
in that field

it was a world full of drunks and writers and drunk writers.

and so
I became a starving drunk instead of a starving

the best thing was the instant

and soon I became the biggest and
best drunk in the neighborhood and
maybe the whole

maybe the whole

it sure as hell beat sitting around waiting for those rejection slips from The New Yorker and The Atlantic Monthly.

of course, I never really considered quitting the
writing game, I just wanted to give it a
ten year rest
figuring if I got famous too early
I wouldn't have anything left for the stretch run
like I have now, thank
with the drinking still thrown

(-- pgs. 94-95)


Number Two

* Collector's Item

a magazine of suppurating poetry edited by F.A. Nettelbeck and published whenever there is some money on the table - hopefully quarterly by The Horseheard Nebula Press, mailing address: 15930 Kings Creek Rd., Boulder Creek, Calif. 95006 - 75 cents a copy, $2.50 per year's subscription, (be a patron for $50.00, fucker!) ...

Charles Bukowski Answers 10 Easy Questions

("10 Easy Questions" shall be a regular feature of THROB and will envelop a different poet each issue. We hope to give you the clearer, more defined picture of the poet and his "excuse" and will continue with more bemusing questions in the future) ... Summer-Fall, 1971

10.) What would you say is the best brand of American beer on the market today?

Beer was much better before world war 2. It had tang and was filled with sharp little bubbles. It's wash now, strictly flat. You just do the best you can with it. Beer is better to write with and talk with than whiskey. You can go longer and make more sense. Of course, much depends upon the talker and the writer. But beer is fattening, plenty, and it lessens the sex drive, I mean both the day you are drinking it and the day after. Heavy drinking and heavy loving seldom go hand in hand after the age of 35. I'd say a good chilled wine is the best way out and it should be drunken (drank) slowly after a meal, with just perhaps a small glass before eating.

Heavy drinking is a substitute for companionship and it's a substitute for suicide. It's a secondary way of life. I dislike drunks but I do suppose I take a little drink now and then myself. Amen. (-- p. 59)