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Is it wrong to try to seduce your teacher?

Hey Leo,

so me and my friends sometimes make moaning noises in class during our math class (we're in 7th grade) and the teacher looks at us and smiles (he's male) and then we laugh haha and once during recess i looked at my teacher and kissed my girflriend (we're both girls) just to get a reaction and he sent us to the principal's office? why? i mean boys and girls are allowed to kiss so why not girls and girls? lol..(i;m not a ***** though...just wanted to seduce him)

Biblitz replies:

You're playing a very dangerous game for one so young and though it's no doubt gratifying to your balloon-like ego to get a rise out of teach at any cost, you fail to appreciate how using sexual power in this typically uncreative patriarchal way in addition to lowering yourself places this man in a dangerous position at work. Your careless disregard for anyone but your fatheaded young self reflects a, frankly, depraved lack of social boundaries that could have devastating consequences.

What's to stop you, one wonders, from falsely accusing this poor man of inappropriate behavior?

Try it and you'll be investigated by a variety of authorities and your parents no doubt sued for the harm your 'prank' causes teach for loss of reputation. Would you really let it come to that, one wonders?

Sounds like you need six of the best across the hand and a much more engaging hobby - tending a family of crocodiles, perhaps!


Why is my mum so angry all the time?

Hey Leo,

She gets really aggravated at me and my sister whenever we talk a bit too loudly, and she is just going crazy, for no reason. I tell her to calm down, nicely, but she starts swearing at me and getting really pissed off. My dad is currently working in another country, but my parents are not split up. My mom works as a business manager for some oil company. Why is my mom so angry and how can I prevent it and stop it?

Biblitz replies:

Sigh, it's tough to have to parent a parent but one can never learn these important skills too soon. Follow the Biblitz anger management strategy helpfully listed here. Start by first acknowledging mom's anger so she can stop demonstrating it. Once she's calm, offer your perspective as non-judgmentally as possible - that you're unclear about what it is you and sis might have done to provoke such ire and that these disturbing outbursts seem to be on the increase.

She may not even realize it's a problem. Too many single moms live in a dream world, imagining they are doing a terrific job when, in fact, the children harbor tremendous dudgeon over all of her shortcomings. It's no doubt tough to be w/o pop and face all the cultural pressures to be superwoman alone, but it serves no one to unload/express anger at kids w/o giving clear reasons.

Make sure to tell pop what's going on, including and the steps you've taken to remedy the situation and the results, if any. He'll appreciate the heads-up and probably give mom the pep talk she's missing.


How should I handle serious family issues of immaturity and lack of obediance?

Dear Leo,

5 people in my family, me(17, im the matured one) and twin sisters(15, the problem) and my mom and dad. all my sisters ever say is that they get nothing and are treated unfairly all the time, in reality they have a job and my parents still buy them everything to shut them up, and they aren't treated unfairly. its more like not unfair enough. one smokes(both pot and cigarettes) denied it for 2 years and still does even though theres proof right infront of her. they seem to have to the need to defend themselves from everything there accused of(even small things like leaving a cup around the house, its always "I DIDN"T DO IT") yes they have to yell for everything. they skip classes, come late to classes, don't try in classes and they bad mouth teachers who daily send status reports of their behavior. yesterday they posted on facebook that living in the house was b***s*** and stated they were leaving after metioning they hated my mom and dad. they slam doors and are downright selfish, they don't care how much water they use or if the doors left open in winter, and that if they didnt make the mess they don't have to clean it(its always there mess, but they avoid the evidence and storm to their rooms and play loud music. Here's the question: How can we get them to stop? My parents only ever ground them, take their phones away or their laptops. Is there anything else to do to make them stop?

Biblitz replies:

I think it's very disturbing indeed that parents have cast you/allowed you to cast yourself in the role of co-parent. Very dysfunctional! Parents are the ones who should be dealing with Terrible Twins - NOT you, their sibling and equal. Take your concerns about them to your parents, who are ultimately in charge. If Terribles make enough trouble, parents will be forced to seek professional intervention of some kind. They'd be wise to do so now before truant officer/ police are involved BUT they're the adults - not you. Try to keep a low profile and remember that you are a sibling, not a parent.


Is it selfish of me to decline a donation to a class fund-raising project to benefit World Vision?

Dear Leo,

It's not that I don't want to it's cause my 3rd period is raising money to buy something out of a catalog for the less fortunate. Everything on the catalog is animals like if you raise $30 you can buy 6 rabbits for a family and the rabbits have 20 babies a year, you can also get pigs and any other animal you can eat.

I don't want to help them out because they're going to kill those animals and I honestly prefer any animal over a human. This may sound REALLY selfish but I would prefer having a person die rather then an animal.

Biblitz replies:

I find your ethics frankly appalling. Clearly, you have never endured anything even close to hunger or scarcity, but, happily, the law of karma quite often shores up these gaps. Amen.


Sometimes the ferocious seriousness of Garcia's late sixties posters gave way to wicked satire and grim humor, as in They're Coming! - the faces of San Francisco city cops on a baseball-like prick spurting blood, or an anonymous black radical gesturing wildly beneath a comic balloon that reads "Down with the Whiteness"; or the grinning African American Cream of Wheat chef captioned "No More o' This Shit". (notes omitted). ... (From Rupert Garcia, Prints and Posters 1967-1990, p. 31)

Rupert Garcia

Prints and Posters Grabados y Afiches 1967-1990


Rupert Garcia first became known for his political posters during the late sixties and early seventies when he was active in student and Mexican American/Latino cultural movements. Working primarily with silkscreen technique, he developed a bold style, appropriating many of the pictorial devices and premises of Pop Art, but subverting them from a Mexican American and Third World perspective to serve his own aesthetic and ideological ends. (From the Directors'Forward, p. 7)

A man of sound artistic principles, Biblitz feels!


Whatever did we do to raise Mother's hackles so? Weezer here thought she might pop a garter, she was that mad. Conversing cheerfully among one's siblings in our typically jocund manner while installed in the family home should not have inspired such high dudgeon. As pop is, alas, typically nowhere to be found, let us put our wee heads together, boys and girls, and see if we tots can get to the bottom of this.


Another of those hard-boiled babies too many parents simply give up on and toss to the dogs. Toughens the dogs, one supposes, while baby learns to hold his own in a crowd. Beware, beware the tail in proximity to that determined young grasp!