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ASK Biblitz about Child Development.

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How do you feel about changing yourself for another person?

Hey Leo,

I'm totally against someone changing things about themselves because someone else wants them too, either for a relationship or for a friendship. But i see it happening all the time. What is your opinion about changing aspects of yourself because someone else wishes you to?

Biblitz replies:

Babies, if it comes right down to it, have a suspicious nature. Being nobody's fool, they rarely concede to the first request by mother to replace soft, warm diapers with an inconvenient and, frankly, treacherous journey sometimes in the dark of night, dodging monsters and other householders as well as the odd roller skate, simply to use the toilet. 'Forsooth!' thinks baby, 'I've got a Pampers Pullup to take whatever I can dish out.'

'Alas', sighs oppressed parent, 'Come on, baby. Wouldn't it be much nicer if mummy spent the diaper fund on your burgeoning collection of Chinese plastic?'

Baby considers the matter. He weighs his options.

As he does so, he cannot help but be drawn in by that most cunning of maternal wiles - the glittering smile mother reserves only for one's greatest achievements - standing upright, playing quietly in bed at 2 a.m. rather than blowing raspberries or, even better, redoubling the already mighty effort to imitate a car alarm.

'Alright,' thinks baby, 'if it's really so all-fired important to her, I shall brave the wild things and soldier forth under cover of darkness to the toilet. Then we shall see.'

Moral: The desire to please those with whom we seek relationship usually prompts those of us who are not psychopaths to evolve. This is called maturity.

TinyTeaman mountieWheel

Father's whereabouts when summoned to attend to the baby Biblitz diaper. Rather a lot of water required for the task, apparently. At ease, gentlemen.


Baby Biblitz, like a young python digesting a pleasant luncheon of mashed banana washed down with a bottle of warm milk, struggles to keep a straight face as he considers mother's latest playful suggestion that he regale her with a belch. The very idea! Women, he concludes, are foreigners however attractive.

Coo to your own little viper with the great Malvina Reynolds on Turn Around by Henry Mayer and Al Stillman

. hardboiledBaby

Another of the especially hard-boiled baby variety, who require a great deal of coercion if they're ever to go straight. Parents of these babies are to be pitied for they are often the target of baby extortion schemes that would cause Bernie Madoff to blush.