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How does one kindle the flame of passion in marriage?

Hey Leo,

How do you keep the passion in your marriage? Not the sex but the passion involved in the sex?

Biblitz replies:

By maintaining individual interests and activities and by creating LOTS of occasions for intimacy - time when the two of us can speak quietly and openly about our hopes and dreams and our view of the journey so far. Living with someone every day creates too much closeness. Maintaining outside interests and relationships and often adding new ones gives a person some refreshing distance as well as something new to bring to the relationship. It helps us remind one another and ourselves that we are each fundamentally autonomous individuals who choose to be together AND that we are imperfect humans who should not be expected to fill every need of the other. That's why we have the world.


How can I fix this sideways triangle?

Hey Biblitz,

I was engaged to this lovely lady. My ex left me and moved out of state i she sent me divorce papers i signed them and sent them back to her. Then i met "Chris" we started dating and it was great. a year later we got engaged. then i found out that my ex never filed the divorce papers. I love 'Chris' very much and i told her there was something important that I need to tell her but i needed her to trust me and i would share after i got done talking to our pastor. well my ex found out about Chris and i and called her and told her ( chris) that we were still married. chris got mad and broke up with me and wont talk with me. how can i fix this and if you were chris would you have done the same thing?

Biblitz replies:

How, one wonders, did you 'find out' ex never filed the divorce papers? What kind of yutz allows divorce proceedings to languish in the hands of an aggrieved spouse? That was mistake no. 1. No. 2 was actively concealing the fact of your marriage to the replacement. Mistake no. 1 indicates incompetence in the fullest sense of that word - unreliability in the most fundamental way. Can't find his socks; can't tie his shoes. No. 2 indicates the character of both a liar and a coward - definitely not marriage material.

Free advice: Work hard to remedy these character defects. Start by concluding the marriage. Finish one thing before you start another to ensure there is no lingering dudgeon poisoning the New Thing. There's nothing quite like divorce to give a man a sound life lesson. Bend over. Yours is on the way.


Tapestry of Dreams

Charles Aznavour

Audio CD

Featuring Our Love, My Love, a Biblitz favorite with typically legendary lyrics by the French-Armenian master. Guaranteed to reunite turtledoves wasting time throwing their weight about.

Our Love, My Love (Tes Yeux, Mes Yeux)

Our love, my love
Won't be strung across the sky
In wildly waving banners Ninety-seven rainbows high We don't need a thousand vows
We don't need a tinsel star
I am me you are you All we need is who we are
I'm me, you're you

All we need is who we are

When we're standing face to face
We are standing soul to soul
In our very own private place
That the world can't control
Our love my love
Is as simple as the spring
Quiet as the sound of bells
Just before they start to ring
We don't need a big parade
Keep your snowflakes in a jar
I am me, you are you
All we need is who we are

I am me, you're you
Our love, my love is who we are